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Lowestoft was the place where our research all began over 40 years ago, having heard the fanciful, but not completely untrue, story of a Lady who was disowned by her family when she ran off to marry a sea captain.  

The number of people we have researched from this town is too great to list as we have done on other pages of this website.   We are aware that many others have also searched the Lowestoft families in some depth, but we continue to expand all of them as far as we can.  Some of the main surnames are well known and they have been listed first.  Later on this page, and on those which follow,  are some shorter lists of Lowestoft people.  We would be interested to hear from anyone with any Lowestoft connections.


Our most researched surnames of Lowestoft are listed below, showing the number of people who appear on our database in various sizes of family groups.  Most have been extracted from the original parish registers from the earliest times:
























Only 46 entries for this town, but many more throughout the region.  

90 entries, plus 23 recorded as Thornton alias Arnold

216 entries including many variations of spelling.  

73 entries.  We’d be interested to hear from anyone researching Alfred Parker Balls.

148 entries.  

355 entries.  This family has featured in several trees researched.  

109 entries.

92 entries but not the one we need!

and Coleman.  321 entries.  Includes our  own ancestors and  the families related to Matthew Colman.

253 entries.

81 entries.

168 entries.

75 entries.  Includes Edmunds

Included Farrett and other variations - 51 entries.

58 entries.

90 entries.

90 entries.

98 entries.  A family of fishermen who appear on several trees.  

87 entries.

73 entries.

70 entries.

178 entries.

Also Turrell - 99 entries.

Information about our own Lowestoft ancestors can be found here.

Some transcribed wills of Lowestoft residents can be found  here.

Other residents of Lowestoft who are on our database:

A (below)               B-C              D-H             I-R              S-Z



Other “A” Surnames:

Wills: Information about transcripts can be found here


Thought to have arrived in Lowestoft in the 1670s, several generations remained in this town.  

Caleb ALDRED,   1684

Caleb ALDRED,   1684

Elizabeth ALDRED,   1687

Gladys Maud ALDRED,   1900

Jabez ALDRED,   1682

Katherine ALDRED,   1690

Margaret ALDRED,   1705

Mary ALDRED,   1710

Obed ALDRED ,  1757

Official ALDRED,   1707

Officiall ALDRED,   1682

Reginald Arthur John ALDRED,   1902

Robert ALDRED,   1681

Ruth ALDRED,   1755

Samuel Dixon ALDRED,   1752

Sidney Herbert ALDRED,   1898

Tryphoena ALDRED,   1753


Elizabeth ALDOUS,   02 March 1789

Frances ALDOUS,   02 September 1792

Mary ALDOUS,   21 February 1797

Robert ALDOUS,   23 July 1800

Robert ALDOUS,   29 June 1795

Susanna ALDOUS,   1784

Thomas ALDOUS,   26 March 1787


Alice ANDREWS,   17 July 1793

Ann ANDREWS,   1778

Jane ANDREWS,   1780

John ANDREWS,   26 April 1786

Mary ANDREWS,   1782

Phillipa ANDREWS,   1784

Phyllis ANDREWS,   02 August 1788

Sarah ANDREWS,   1786

Ethel May ABLITT,   Abt 1887

Algernon Percy ADAMSON,   1891

Stanley Robert ADAMSON,   Abt 1885

Annie ALEXANDER,   Abt 1892

Lily May ALEXANDER,   1883

Vera ALEXANDER,   Abt 1908

Joseph ALLERTON,   13 February 1791

Joseph ALLERTON,   Abt 1834

Maria I ALLERTON,   Abt Jul 1860

Mary ALLERTON,   1819

Thomas ALLERTON,   1763

Margaret ANNESON,   1668

Margaret Elizabeth ANNISON,   1871

Henry APPLEWHITE,   1747

Georgiana ARMES,   1838

John Joseph ARROWSMITH,   1853

Martha ARROWSMITH,   1851

Mary Elizabeth ARROWSMITH,   Abt 1855

Emily Jane C ATMEARE,   1873

Robert AUKLAND,   1763

Susanna AUKLAND,   1761

Arthur Richard AUSTIN,   1909

Helen Hilda AUSTIN,   1905

Kathleen Dorothy AUSTIN,   1906

Alice ALLEN,   1616

Esther ALLEN,   Abt 1801

Mary ALLEN,   1617

Mary ALLEN,   1647

Mary Ann ALLEN,   1862

Robert ALLEN,   1611

Robert ALLEN,   1639

Tabitha ALLEN,   1637

Thomas ALLEN,   1612

Thomas ALLEN,   1643

Thomas ALLEN,   1645

Aldous Charles ADAMS,  1764

Alice Elizabeth ADAMS,   1864

Ann ADAMS,   1688

Coe ADAMS,   1768

Edith Annie ADAMS,   1872

Eleanor Elizabeth ADAMS,   1879

Elizabeth ADAMS,   1681

Elizabeth Eleanor ADAMS,   1881

Ellen Edith ADAMS,   Abt 1895

Ethel Annie ADAMS,   Abt 1890

Ethel Eleanor ADAMS,   1901

Francis ADAMS,   1678

Francis ADAMS,   1687

Francis ADAMS,   Abt 1838

Frank ADAMS,   Abt 1863

Frank Sylvester ADAMS,   Abt 1895

Gladys Mary ADAMS,   Abt 1898

Grace ADAMS,   1731

Hannah ADAMS,   Abt 1842

Hannah Elizabeth Alice ADAMS,   1873

Hilda Florence ADAMS,   1892

John ADAMS,   1688

Joseph John ADAMS,   1867

Joseph John ADAMS,   1893

Lillian Ann ADAMS,   Abt 1898

Margaret ADAMS,   1729

Mary ADAMS,   1676

Mary ADAMS,   1685

Mary ADAMS,   1718

Mary Ann Elizabeth ADAMS,   1870

Matthew Arnold ADAMS,   1761

Samuel ADAMS ,  1655

Samuel ADAMS,   1677

Samuel ADAMS,   1678

Samuel Charles ADAMS,   1874

Samuel Francis Robert ADAMS,   1908

Sarah ADAMS,   1682

Sarah ADAMS,   1691

Sarah ADAMS,   1692

Susan ADAMS,   1682

Thomas ADAMS,   1762

William ADAMS,   1704

William ADAMS,   1732

William ADAMS,   1765

Winifred Lilian ADAMS,   1908


Elizabeth ASHMAN,   1843

Elizabeth ASHMAN,   30 January 1809

George ASHMAN,   1829

George William ASHMAN,   1848

Jeremiah ASHMAN,   09 January 1806

John ASHMAN,   Abt 1846

Mary Ann ASHMAN,   1828

Mary Ann ASHMAN,   1837

Samuel ASHMAN,   28 November 1838

Samuel ASHMAN,   Abt Dec 1840

Susanna ASHMAN,   27 November 1807

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