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Stratford St Mary


The Banham men often worked as agricultural labourers.  There are links to the surname Garwood.  

Alice BANHAM,  1857

Catherine BANHAM,   Abt 1860

Eliza Ann BANHAM,   1849

Emma BANHAM,   1862

Emma BANHAM,   Abt 1857

Frederick BANHAM,   Abt 1853

Frederick BANHAM,   Abt 1870

Henry Finch BANHAM,   1854

Jacob BANHAM,   1859

James Frederick BANHAM,   Abt Mar 1871

Joseph BANHAM,   1848

Joseph BANHAM,   Abt 1827

Rachel BANHAM,   1865

Rachel BANHAM,   1879

Walter BANHAM,   1868

William Felix BANHAM,   1853

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This village lies on the River Stour where Suffolk and Essex meet.  John Constable painted many of his works in this area.

Also born in this parish:

Ethel M GOYMER,   Abt 1882

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